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Restaurant Damasco Barcelona

Arabic style food is an authentic gastronomic experience focused on making food a delight in every sense.

At Restaurante Damasco we strive to ensure that our ingredients are always of the best quality, so that our style sets us apart from the rest. We unite our dedication so that the food combines both traditional and good sensations.

In our restaurant you will find a decoration set to give the best sensations related to the oriental theme. Highlighting the theme that surrounds the restaurant, where our customers enjoy a visual experience.

restaurante damasco plato sopa

Enjoy our starters and oriental delicacies what we made

platos sabrosos restaurante damasco

Menu based on the most thematic Arabic dishes

restaurante damasco tetera árabe

You can find a selection of all our teas and infusions

restaurante damasco arroz huevo

Your Arabic restaurant in Barcelona

Our style of eating is based both on Arabian food, as well as on gastronomies derived from Lebanese and Moroccan food. We look for that our plates always are remembered, fomenting our style and gastronomic thematic.

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What can you do in Restaurante Damasco?

We offer our dishes and menus with Arabic food, as well as the possibility of relaxing with the experiences of the Orient. With the service in which we have shisha for various people, you can see and feel the true east.

plato con salsa restaurante damasco

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